Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Combat Low Mood

How has low mood affected your physicalactivity levels, and your ability to do thethings you really enjoyed? Have you foundthat over time you have become moreand more tired, the fatigue making it seemimpossible to will yourself to be any moreactive than you are? Maybe your medication has madeyou put on weight, making you feel selfconsciousContinue reading “Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life To Combat Low Mood”

Stress, Anxiety, and Massage

Why get a massage? According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of Americans who get a massage do so for relaxation and stress reduction. Thatโ€™s a lot of people in the US who feel strongly enough about their own experiences with massage for stress reduction to put their money onContinue reading “Stress, Anxiety, and Massage”

How to Keep a Cool Head When You Suffer from Headaches

Headaches affect 47% of the global population on a regular basis. Some people suffer from them monthly, weekly and sometimes even daily, and the headache can range from being a nuisance to being completely debilitating, disrupting your ability to drive, work, concentrate, do daily chores or even stand upright.  The most difficult thing about headachesContinue reading “How to Keep a Cool Head When You Suffer from Headaches”

Why You Need to Get Mom a Massage Gift Card this Mother’s Day

You love your mom, right? You want to use Motherโ€™s Day to show her just how much you care and appreciate everything she does for you. So, you donโ€™t want to be giving her gifts that scream โ€˜no effortโ€™ you want to put a little thought into what will make her happy. You could justContinue reading “Why You Need to Get Mom a Massage Gift Card this Mother’s Day”

The Stress/Pain Connection

Stress seems to be almost unavoidable in our busy lives especially in this pandemic. Itโ€™s easy for people to suggest that you might feel better if youโ€™re less stressed, but if youโ€™re already stressed, thatโ€™s just going to stress you out even more! Adding to the problem, stress can cause a lot of unwanted symptomsContinue reading “The Stress/Pain Connection”

20 Self-Care Ideas for 2021

Welcome to the new decade! Itโ€™s time to put 2020 in the rear view mirror and start putting ourselves first with a self-care routine that gives us the inner strength to deal with whatever the new year brings. Itโ€™s no secret that people who donโ€™t give themselves the care that they give to others willContinue reading “20 Self-Care Ideas for 2021”

Seven Pathways For Getting Out of Pain

There are MANY different options for treating common musculoskeletal pains. For example, back pain is often treated with stretching, strengthening, motor control, massage, yoga, etc. Which methods are worth trying? Of course, you should consult a medical professional for guidance. But chances are, they will prescribe one specific way to treat it, without telling you about other optionsContinue reading “Seven Pathways For Getting Out of Pain”

Did you know mental health problems can manifest as physical symptoms?

This morning, at our team meeting, we were re-capping on our last month of business. The usual, what went well, what went not-so-well; just an overall reflection. We got chatting, and were amazed by the conversation that began between our therapists. We spoke about the other side of being a therapist, away from the physicalContinue reading “Did you know mental health problems can manifest as physical symptoms?”