Muscle Melt Bath Bomb


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Muscle melt bath bomb will soothe tired, aching muscles and help to encourage an increase in circulation. Itโ€™s a combination of powerful natural ingredients.

It combines:

Magnesiumย which reduce muscle soreness and relieve cramps.

Wintergreenย which act as analgesic, numbing the skin.

Mentholย which helpย restrict blood vessels, reducingย inflammationย and causing a therapeutic cooling sensation.

Camphorย which improve circulation and cool or warm the skin.

Muscle Melt bath bomb may relieve:
โ€ข Aches and strains
โ€ข Tension headache
โ€ข Colds and congestion
โ€ข Back pain
โ€ข Neck and shoulder tension
โ€ข Joint pain


Do not touch your face and eyes while you are in the bath.


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