How to open the door.

Because we value your time, we don’t want you to wait at the door and we don’t want to leave treatment room while working on other clients. Please have a look at the instruction before you ring the bell. Or we can just open the door from our treatment room but please turn the knob to open the door and wait for your treatment time. Thank you. 🙂 
1. Touch the key pad at the door with the palm of your hand.
2. Enter PIN CODE [1234] Follow by *
3. Turn the thumbturn/knob to open the door. ************


  • Please confirm your appointment after receiving our confirmation text. **Your booking will be subject to cancellation if no confirmation or Late for more than 15 minutes**
  • Late arrivals may result in reduction of your treatment time.
  • By booking us, you are booking our time. If you decide to use less time, you still will be charged for full price as per booking.
  • “NO SHOW” will result in difficulty in future booking.
  • Please take time to read instructions on text message we will send you on the day of appointment. 🙂

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