Find out just why it’s called “First choice of pain management & wellbeing clinic”, the only brand you think of when you need a very good “Deep Tissue Massage” Just 10 minutes drive from Naas

from €50/30mins

to get rid what pains you

*Or ask us how you can pay €20/hour like many of our clients.


***Our clinic has 2 locations 1. Newbridge 2. Portlaoise***

***To ensure you have Official Neuromuscular Therapy, Please check the therapist’s name on ANMPT.ie for an officially trained therapist. Unfortunately, some clinic operate misleading customers. If the previous therapist that worked with us claims that they got trained Neuromuscular techniques or dry needling from us, please know that we never trained anyone who has no basic knowledge of anatomy & physiology. Giving your back to untrained therapists is not something we endorse. Also, you won’t be able to claim back your benefits from your health insurance***

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Make This Christmas Special with Massage Therapy

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who seems to have it all, or even just someone close to you that needs spoiling..

Massage is the best gift that keeps on giving, the option that says you really do care for someone’s health and wellbeing. It gives the recipient a healthy dose of happy hormones, promotes movement and increased flexibility, and eases aches, pains and stress. What better way to treat someone?

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Health Insurance Member Benefits

We work with Laya Healthcare, VHI, Irish Life, HSF Health & Garda Medical Aid. We recommend you check your policy for its terms and conditions to see what cover you have (You may be able to claim for many treatment types, e.g. Some clients can claim for 75% of the treatment cost for 18 sessions/year) If you wish to book in for a specific member benefit, please mention this at the time of booking so we can ensure we can accommodate your request.

Klinique Newbridge
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Klinique Portlaoise
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"book massage with confidence..Naas"

Why wait until your body is in desperate need of attention to get treatment? Why let an injury occur when you could easily have prevented it from happening in the first place. We meet many clients who visit our clinics with niggles, pain and injuries that, had they been addressed sooner, could have been prevented. Are you one of them?? 

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favourite techniques by us

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Thai yoga stretch

Excellent technique for back and hip pain.

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Trigger point therapy

Release that knots on your neck and shoulder that bother you.

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Deep tissue massage

Our unique combination of Trigger point therapy and hot oil massage.

we are Klinique

We are committed to looking after you. Because you are IMPORTANT.





Neuromuscular Physical Therapist


Massage Therapist and Meditation guru


Thai massage therapist


Massage therapist
Location • Newbridge

Beside Retro Mane Hair Boutique (Behide AIB bank)

Henry street , Newbridge, Co.Kildare W12 HH79

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Phone : 087 348 5533

Phone : 045 810 010


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MON-SAT 10:00 – 19:00

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Since opening in 2014, our clinic has become No.1 Choice Massage Therapy of County Kildare community.


Thai Clinic was originally established by Kora with her in-depth neuromuscular therapy, massage and Thai body work, from a number of well-regarded establishments, both in Ireland and Thailand.


As Thai Clinic grows, this unique treatment style (including compression, stretching and trigger point therapy) has been taught to every therapist in Thai Clinic, to ensure uniform treatment to every guest of the Clinic. We can assure that no technique or traditional Thai style of treatment has been lost as the team grows.


Now, each therapist recognizes the importance of the Thai therapy style, and has coupled that with their individual qualifications in areas such as Sports Therapy and Athletic Therapy. The team at Thai Clinic smoothly intertwines the practical Thai work with their study of the body’s anatomy, physiology and injury knowledge gained throughout their 3/4 years of academics at Third-Level.


In short, we supply the best of both worlds; a well-regarded treatment style from Thailand, with the most recent, scientifically proven methods of treatment. We aim to get to the root cause of the issue, rather than providing only temporary pain-relief.


These additions to the clinic allow for injury treatment manually through different methods (i.e. massage, dry needling, muscle energy techniques), alongside injury assessment, diagnosis and appropriate rehabilitation. This ensures long-term fixes to an injury or issue you may be suffering with.


Here at Thai Clinic, we take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of each patient, and can ensure that you will benefit from a visit here in numerous ways.  Upon booking your appointment, you can select which therapist you would prefer, to ensure your needs are being met accordingly. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Get the gift card posted to you before Xmas. Free Shipping!


Get the gift card posted to you before Xmas. Free Shipping!