Covid19 Protocols

Room Cleaning – beds, door handles, chairs, heater, light, music speaker, oil bottle and everything in between is sanitized between clients. Alcohol spray will be used to sanitize the bed after treatment (especially face hole) followed by sanitize wipe. Before we put new couch roll paper on top to be ready for the next client.

Therapists – Therapists will wear masks at all times and will sanitize their hands and forearms before and after any treatment. (Also after touching anything and before touching you!)

*Any towels and sheets used are replaced between clients

What to expect?

Making appointments – Please fill out the online intake form if you haven’t been with us for the past 3 months. If you don’t, you will have to do at clinic and that may reduce treatment time. (The tablet will be sanitized between clients.)

Payment – We don’t handle card payment or cash at the clinic. If you would like to pay by card, Please take a minute to pay online otherwise ,please bring cash exact amount as a treatment price.

Mask – Please wear a mask before arriving at the clinic. ** Masks are required, If you forgot we have them available for purchase 1 EURO each

Arriving at the clinic – upon arrival, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, and also your shoes on an antibacterial mat.

Reception – we are limiting the amount of people in reception whenever possible to maximum 2. If a third person should be there, there is adequate spacing between seating in the reception area.

Treatment – The therapist will call you at the reception area. She will open/close the door for you so you won’t have to touch anything during the entire visit. After treatment, she will wait for you at the door, you will let her know when you are ready to leave and she will open the door for you. Receptionist will also open the main door for you.

Everything possible is being done to ensure a safe and hygienic premises and service, throughout these difficult times. We promise you that!

Excited to announce our move to Toughers! Bigger space & Free parking at W5D Ladytown Business Park, Naas Co.Kildare W91W26T