tendon injuries in foot and ankle

TENDON INJURIES IN FOOT AND ANKLE There are several groups of tendons in the foot and ankle that are susceptible to injury. Persistent overuse of the tibialis anterior (in front of the ankle) and posterior (at the back of the ankle) tendons causes tibialis anterior or posterior tendinopathy. Overuse of the extensor tendons that runContinue reading “tendon injuries in foot and ankle”


PLANTAR FASCIITIS The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that supports the foot arch. The repetitive action of running puts stress on the underside of the foot, which “bends” the toe joints, putting pressure on the heel end of the plantar fascia. This leads to a chronic condition called plantar fasciitis. WHAT AREContinue reading “PLANTAR FASCIITIS”

achilles tendinopathy

ACHILLES TENDINOPATHY This a degenerative condition characterized by pain and swelling in and around the Achilles tendon. An overuse injury that results from repetitive and excessive stress on the leg, it is more likely in middle-aged runners as it is linked to a degeneration of the tendon. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? The main symptom isContinue reading “achilles tendinopathy”

compartment syndrome

COMPARTMENT SYNDROME Muscles are contained within “compartments”, of connective tissue and bone. Swelling within a compartment following injury or long-term overuse may cause compression of blood vessels and nerves inside it, and is known as compartment syndrome. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? You will feel intense pain that persists both while resting and when you areContinue reading “compartment syndrome”

shin splints

SHIN SPLINTS SHIN SPLINT Also called medial tibial periostitis, this is exercise-induced pain at the front of the lower leg. Shin splints can result from not warming up properly, the stress of a sudden increase in training volume, running on hard surfaces, poor technique, or biomechanical abnormality. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? You may feel aContinue reading “shin splints”

stress fractures

STRESS FRACTURES STRESS FRACTURES OF FOOT These are small cracks in the surface of a bone that can result from stress and overuse. Stress fractures most commonly occur in the weight bearing bones such as the vertebrae, tibia, femur, pelvis, and the bones in the feet. If untreated, the cracks can develop into more seriousContinue reading “stress fractures”

runner’s knee

RUNNER’S KNEE MENISCUS TEAR Also known as patellofemoral pain, this develops when the movement of the patella over the bottom of the femur causes pain in the front of the knee. Runner’s knee can occur if muscles are weak or unbalanced, tendon are tight, or following abnormal movement of the kneecap. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS?Continue reading “runner’s knee”