About Us

What makes us different?

  1. We have great system. Yes, it is. You can book with us on many channels, online booking, text message, facebook messenger, whatsapp or phone call. The best way that we always recommend is to book online. As you will see therapist’s profile and their available time. And online booking is also available 24/7!ย  After you get confirmation of your appointment, you will get a link to fill out online intake form which will allow you to get the best experience from your session. Our therapist will tailor each session base on your intake form. And this intake form will stay with us as long as you would like us to look after your body and mental health. You can update intake form anytime before any session if you would like therapist to focus on different areas.
  2. We trained every therapists to work up to our standard (We love good pressure with good flow routine). The team at Klinique smoothly intertwines the practical Thai work with their study of the bodyโ€™s anatomy, physiology and injury knowledge gained throughout their years of experiences and regularly training. Be assure that each session is effective and also offer relaxation (Even if your purpose of treatment is purely for pain management, you still be in relaxing environtment).
  3. We work with Laya healthcare, VHI and Irish Life. We recommend you to check your own policy for its terms and conditions to see what cover you have. Many of our clients can claim back 75% of treatment cost. If you wish to book in for a specific member benefit please mention this at the time of booking so we can ensure we can accommodate your request.
  4. We believe Traditional Thai bodywork is one of the most effective modalities that exists for treating chronic pain. As Klinique grows, this unique treatment style (including compression, stretching and trigger point therapy) has been taught to every therapist in Klinique, to ensure uniform treatment to every guest of the Clinic. We can assure that no technique or traditional Thai style of treatment has been lost as the team grows.

With all that mentioned above, that’s what made us become No.1 Choice Pain Management and Wellbeing since 2014.

We look forward to seeing you soon!