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Since opening in 2014, our clinic has become No.1 Choice Massage Therapy of County Kildare community.

Thai Clinic was originally established by Kora with her in-depth neuromuscular therapy, massage and Thai body work, from a number of well-regarded establishments, both in Ireland and Thailand.

As Thai Clinic grows, this unique treatment style (including compression, stretching and trigger point therapy) has been taught to every therapist in Thai Clinic, to ensure uniform treatment to every guest of the Clinic. We can assure that no technique or traditional Thai style of treatment has been lost as the team grows.

Now, each therapist recognizes the importance of the Thai therapy style, and has coupled that with their individual qualifications in areas such as Sports Therapy and Athletic Therapy. The team at Thai Clinic smoothly intertwines the practical Thai work with their study of the body’s anatomy, physiology and injury knowledge gained throughout their 3/4 years of academics at Third-Level.

In short, we supply the best of both worlds; a well-regarded treatment style from Thailand, with the most recent, scientifically proven methods of treatment. We aim to get to the root cause of the issue, rather than providing only temporary pain-relief.

These additions to the clinic allow for injury treatment manually through different methods (i.e. massage, dry needling, muscle energy techniques), alongside injury assessment, diagnosis and appropriate rehabilitation. This ensures long-term fixes to an injury or issue you may be suffering with.

Here at Thai Clinic, we take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of each patient, and can ensure that you will benefit from a visit here in numerous ways.  Upon booking your appointment, you can select which therapist you would prefer, to ensure your needs are being met accordingly. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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