The story of “Happy ending”

I remember the first day when I opened my business in 2014. There was one lady, stopped at the door and asked me “Tell me, what is Thai massage?” So I explained to her what Thai massage is. Then she said “Newbridge is small town, I hope you don’t do suspicious thing here” Then she walked away, I was like “What??”

There were so many times in my career years that I was so annoyed with questions like “Do you do happy ending? Do you do extra? Is it full body massage?” No! We don’t do that! I once asked one guy if he asked that because I’m Thai or Asian? He said No, he would ask that to any massage therapist or physiotherapist. (Yes, you heard it right. My friend who is physiotherapist also got asked for that similar questions) OK ,I felt a bit better that he didn’t pick who to insult. :/

It’s been more than 5 Years since I opened my business here in Newbridge, County Kildare. The business has very good reputation for helping people get rid of their pain or tension. It’s very rare that I would get phone call ask for “Happy ending” Or if I got that question, it wouldn’t bother me as much as before. I feel more sorry to them… Hope they sort that out. Somewhere else.

PS.1 I told them if they ask me or any therapists in my clinic again. I will put their message on my website together with their phone number or IP address from their phone/computer (Yes, I can track that if I have to, I’m a nerd😎)

PS.2 We are very friendly here and we love our job so much. So don’t be afraid of us from the details on PS.1 👆😂

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2005 Business-Accounting at Chiangmai University ,Thailand 2015 Neuromuscular Physical Therapy at NTC ,Ireland

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